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Education and Career Development



Project Learn reinforces and enhances the skills and knowledge young people learn at school during the hours they spend at the Club. This comprehensive strategy is based on Dr. Reginald Clark’s research showing that students do much better in school when they spend their non-school hours engaged in fun, educational activities. Through Project Learn, Club staff use all the areas and programs in the Club to create opportunities for these high-yield learning activities, which include leisure reading, writing activities, discussions with knowledgeable adults, helping others, homework help and tutoring, games like Scrabble that develop young people’s cognitive skills, and incentives to reward Club members for positive academic participation.

Project Learn also emphasizes parent involvement and collaboration between Club and school professionals as critical factors in creating the best after-school learning environment for Club members ages 6-18.



Goals for Graduation, a Project Learn program, introduces academic goal setting to Club members ages 6-15 by linking their future aspirations with concrete actions today. In a variety of one-on-one, small-group and large-group sessions with Club youth development professionals, members set achievable "Know-I-Can” Goals, more challenging "Think-I-Can” Goals and yearly "Believe-I-Can” Goals. Members create an action plan with daily and weekly goals leading to short- and long-term academic gains.



Sharpen your pencils and get ready for the revamped Power Hour: Making Minutes Count. The program provides Club professionals with strategies, activities, resources and information to create an engaging homework help and tutoring program that encourages Club members ages 6-12 and 13-18 to become self-directed learners. The Power Hour materials provide practical tips and Club best practices for recognition and incentives, behavior management, volunteer recruitment and training, collaboration with other organizations and use of technology and the Internet.



This internationally recognized, award-winning environmental education program leads Club members ages 6-12 on a fun-filled journey into the world of plants and animals. Through small-group participation in games, crafts and discovery-based activities, young people develop an awareness of the environment, acquire a better understanding of how human actions affect nature, reinforce math and science skills and learn about conservation of our natural resources.


Health and Life Skills


Cavity-Free Zone aims to increase young people’s awareness of good oral hygiene and improve their dental health. Cavity-Free Zone was developed in response to a recent Surgeon General’s report on oral health, which revealed a silent epidemic of oral disease in this country, especially among disadvantaged youth. The Cavity-Free Zone program materials feature fun, engaging sessions and activities for Club members ages 6-9, 10-12 and 13-15. Club members can also log on to the program’s Web site to participate in games and other interactive activities that reinforce their learning about oral health.



Skill Tech is a basic computer skills program that develops Club members’ proficiency with word processing, spreadsheet and other productivity software through fun, hands-on, engaging lessons and projects for four age groups



Skill Tech II teaches advanced yet practical technology skills to Club members ages 6 to 18. Using animated, interactive tutorials on courseware developed exclusively for Boys & Girls Clubs, as well as hands-on, instructor-led group activities, the program introduces members to hardware and networking skills and technology-related career opportunities.



NetSmartz teaches Internet safety skills through engaging multimedia activities and offline interaction with Club professionals, in three age-appropriate modules: Clicky’s Web World (ages 6-7), NetSmartz Rules (ages 8-12), and I-360 (ages 13-18). Modules include personal safety, shopping safety and ethical use of the Internet. Program materials are available in English and Spanish. Ready, Set, Internet! is a series of Web-based animated shows starring NetSmartz characters Clicky, Nettie and Webster. The series teaches members ages 6-10 about BGCA programs while reinforcing Internet safety. The Web site, www.netsmartz.org, features the NetSmartz programs plus a section for parents and teachers. BGCA collaborated with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to develop NetSmartz.


Sports, Fitness and Recreation


This national program takes a holistic approach to educating boys and girls about good nutrition, making physical fitness a daily practice and developing individual strengths and good character. In addition to components for the mind and body, the Triple Play program gets at the soul of the Club experience – the games room. Each mind, body and soul program component can stand alone, yet integrating them allows Club members to reap more powerful, lifelong benefits.


Healthy Habits: Empowering youth to eat right is a generation-changing, life-enhancing program goal, and Triple Play’s nutrition component, called Healthy Habits, covers the power of choice, calories, vitamins and minerals, the food pyramid and appropriate portion size.


Taking a systematic approach, this component boosts Clubs’ traditional physical activities to a higher level by providing sports and fitness activities for all youth – boys and girls, athletically gifted and those talented in other areas, children and teens alike. Daily Fitness Challenges: six challenges give youth at every age the chance to play longer and harder at different games – from jumping rope to basketball and creating games of their own.


This social recreation program includes a resource guide, training and additional tools to run a top-notch games room and social recreation program in the Club. The Smart Guide to Social Recreation: Effective Games room Management and Leadership provides strategies and tools for running a games room program.


Specialized Program Initiatives


Youth for Unity, the hallmark program of our diversity initiative, is sponsored by The Allstate Foundation. Youth for Unity provides youth ages 6-12; teens and parents with a foundation of activities that will help them better understand diversity and combat prejudice, bigotry and discrimination.


Family PLUS (Parents Leading, Uniting, Serving)

A model for Clubs wanting to implement family support activities into their Club’s programming. This model introduces Clubs to factors affecting the family unit and methods of collaborating with community organizations to provide parents and caregivers with resources. There are five components of Family PLUS:

  • Kinship Care – Kinship care includes providing knowledge and resources to extended family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, foster parents, etc.) who have assumed the role of primary caregiver.
  • Father Involvement – Clubs provide support and promotion through programs, activities, training and services to help increase the positive involvement of fathers in the lives of their children.
  • Economic Opportunity – Focusing on empowering families, the economic opportunity compo nent helps families find and keep jobs, increase earnings, build savings and establish credit.
  • Outreach Strategies – This component builds the capacity of Clubs to effectively recruit and retain the involvement of new populations of diverse parents and caregivers who are often underserved in Clubs.
  • Family Advocacy Network (FAN) Club – This is a scientifically proven program of support for par ents and caregivers of Boys & Girls Club members who are participating in SMART Moves.



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